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Historic. Iconic. Functional. Stylish. Luxurious. Unique. American. There is nothing comparable to an Airstream Travel Trailer and the culture that Wally Byam created many decades ago. We were very fortunate to spend a solid summer working with the brand creating a video content firestorm from the road to the factory floor to the Convention Center. Above is the director's cut for all the work we did specifically with the Travel Trailers. Russian Arms, Drones, Steadicam's. We brought in the calvary to try and capture the legacy and aesthetic that Airstream represents. We could not have pulled this off without the amazing team of of talented individuals that partnered with us on this. Incredibly honored to have been entrusted by both Airstream and the team at Element Three to get this off the ground.


Here is the full list of contributors. Scroll down and be sure to sift through the behind the scenes pics below as well. Enjoy!





Element Three


production + EDITORIAL

Storytellers Anonymous



Tami Jones


Cory Pampalone


John Anderson Beavers

(Camera Car/Studio)

Grant Smucker




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