Shortcuts eventually lead you off cliffs, therefore we carefully curate the right team for the highly specific demands that all our diverse projects present. We keep our day to day core team small and focused, then tap into our vast and talented network of visual artists, production and post production crew per project. We are equipped to work with a broad spectrum of budgets and concepts, making any size investment go pretty dang far. 


Content today is fluid. Storytelling doesn't always exist in a vacuum as a one-off project and needs to be open to all the avenues it can live to support a brand, idea, or message.  

With industry dynamics changing, we cannot look at the world upright. All models we think are working now will be irrelevant tomorrow. Clients need bold, new perspectives. What we say matters, how we say it matters. Trends do not fit well into this equation. Good storytelling has multiple layers of complex and beautiful textures. When we strike the right balance, truths begin to manifest through the image. This is where we constantly strive to be. 






The video production company is dead. The high overhead and multiple employee model is both stagnant and unsustainable. Equipment is readily available to everyone, therefore anyone can be a "filmmaker" and offer services at little to no cost. Advertising agencies and marketing departments hire in-house talent because of this very reason.  When you partner with a visual creative studio, they need to offer something more. It has to transcend in-house capabilities.


Storytellers Anonymous is an ever-expanding curated collective of like-minded filmmakers, creative directors, photographers, designers, artists and thinkers that produce branded and original content across multiple platforms. We are a band of misfits shamelessly smitten with the moving picture.

We come equipped with diverse backgrounds, years of experience spanning the globe, a bleeding heart for the craft of visual storytelling and an active grasp of the ever-evolving media consumption landscape. We are disruptors, pursuers of depth and meaning, seekers of human connection, creative collaboration, boldness and truth through both our work and our everyday lives.


We are a creative agency at our very core, understanding the bigger picture of brands, their needs, and how to weave together a visual narrative that will resonate long term. There is nothing outside the scope of our collective capabilities. We are Storytellers "Anonymous" because there is no room for personal ego in this business. The work should say it all. Come play with us.


Detailed Estimates

Concept Development

Treatments + Scripts

Casting, Crewing, Scouting

Prod Design + Art Direction


Shotlists + Storyboards



Intuitive Direction



Fully Present

Client focused

Fully Insured


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Editorial + Post

Color Correction

Graphics + VFX


Sound Design

Client Review



Exhale + Smile


Inspiration amuck

Pour a fine bourbon

Discuss next adventure



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